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Decorative Ideas For Your New Wine Glass Rack

Decorative Ideas For Your New Wine Glass Rackcan substantially improve
the overall look and appeal to the area where
you decide to hang your new wine glass rack.

Small pic of hanging bar glass rack with imitation vines around the chains
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Using common materials readily available
at local department store chains,
like Wal Mart, K Mart, Target,
local Arts and Craft stores or Dollar type stores.
You'll be able to find economical sources
for that special added personal touch.

Artificial Flowers Fruits Vines and Grapes For Your Glass Rack
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You can use floral items like artificial flowers,
fruits, vines, grapes, whatever you want.
The area will become an instant focal point
the moment guests arrive and walk through your door.

Decorative Molding

Decorative Molding For Your Hanging Wine Glass Rack
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You can even add decorative molding around
the sides of a glass rack.
Go to any Home Improvement store and see what's available.
You can use a hack saw to cut the molding
to length and nail it to the sides of your glass rack.
(Don't forget to pick up a box of brads and some wood glue.)

Just let your imagination run wild,
it's your personal touch, your own TLC.
With a little imagination and a few inexpensive
items like mentioned and shown above.
Your friends and family will be amazed
at what you've achieved.

Decorative Ideas

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