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I know this is a delayed response of 2 1/2 months,
but I was just today again admiring
the under-the-counter rack that I bought from your company,
and I really like it!
The delivery of this rack was received in a timely manner.
The contractor who renovated my kitchen had no
problems with installation.
He commented that the rack was of a much better quality
than what are available in the big box stores.
He stained it, and the stain matches perfectly with the cabinets.
Thanks for all your help. M.
Hi Tim,
I just wanted to thank you for the
beautiful workmanship of the wine rack.
I live in a small log cabin and the rustic wine rack truly
accentuates the eloquence of my glasses
as well as giving my home a
relaxed feeling. It is just what I was looking for.
Thank you, Toni R.
The package arrived in great shape.
Thanks to you for creating a rack that is perfect for my situation.
Nothing else that I found on the web came close to your design.
And thanks to Google for letting me find your site!!
Regards and bottoms up, Don
Hi Tim,
I received the rack and my large glasses fit great!
Thank you for taking care of my special request and quickly
fulfilling my order.
Although I know this was a small item,
it is still refreshing to find
a company that does business the right way.
I will surely recommend TLC Woodworks to my friends and family.
Thank you, Kelly E.

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