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If Your Cabinet Has Lips You Can Use Spacers/Shims

If your purchasing unit/s
deeper than our nine inch deep racks
you may need spacers/shims.
We'll be happy to custom make
you some spacers/shims out of wood.
(Up to 1.5 inches deep).
Simply add spacer set/s to your cart and
leave us a message,
telling us how far down your lip/s come
and we'll do the rest.

Alternately, you can add a Note to seller
via Pay Pal's Check Out! ?

Measure from the bottom of the cabinet to the bottom of the lip/s.
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Tap Here To See A Glass Rack Using Spacers!

Note: There's a small fee for fabricating
spacer/shim sets and
depending on the size of the project,
we may elect to send you full length spacers instead
of the smaller cut down versions.
We'll also include longer screws to
mount the spacers/shims under your cabinet..

Note: Spacers/shims will be made
of what ever materials
we have on hand and may or
may not be the same wood species as your glass rack.
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If you'd rather do it yourself,
you can pick up some furring strips
(or other suitable material)
at any local home improvement store or
lumber yard and make your own spacers/shims.

Items You'll Need If You Make Your Own Spacers/Shims

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Measuring You Stemware

Built To Last

Our Stemware Racks Are
Pneumatically Fastened
With Galvanized Hot Dipped Fasteners,
As Well As Glued And Screwed.
You Can Rest Assured
That Your New Glass Rack
Will Provide Years Of Trouble Free Service.

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