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Just About All The Glass Rack
Pictures On Our Site
Were Taken By Our Customers.

Our Stemware Racks Are Pneumatically Fastened With Galvanized Hot Dipped Fasteners, As Well As Glued And Screwed. You Can Rest Assured That Your New Glass Rack Will Provide Years Of Trouble Free Service.

Under Cabinet Glass Rack Slight Adjustments

We can usually make slight adjustments to your custom, micro, inside or
under cabinet/counter wine glass rack, at no additional charge.
For instance, say you want a 26.5 or 27.5 inch long glass rack...
Simply purchase a 26 inch long unit
and leave us a message about the adjustments.

We'll confirm your request when
we send you your Payment Confirmation email.

Same applies to the depth.
Lets say you need a unit 11 or 11.5 inches deep.
Simply purchase a 12 inch unit
and let us know about the depth adjustment.

Scroll Or Swipe Down
Spread Of Glass Rack Slats
Note: These slight adjustments are not a problem.
Just understand that we would make the adjustments as close
to your requested adjustments as possible.
This is because you don't want the 'spread' of the slats to be
too far apart (or too close together)
and this can only be determined when the rack is laid out for assembly.

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