Spacer Mount Glass Rack Instructions

Simply screw the provided longer screws through the spacers.
(at the pilot holes) and secure to your mounting surface,
making sure both the front and back
support rails of your glass rack will line up with the spacers.
Then simply screw the provided (shorter screws) through the glass rack
(at the pilot holes) and secure to your spacers.
Please check your screw size depth to ensure the provided screws will not go
all the way through your mounting surface.
Also, don't use a power drill or screw gun, unless you know how to set the
clutch so that the screws won't go in too tight and split the support rails.

Mounting your glass rack to spacer sets
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Note: If you are mounting at an area that is
particle board instead of real wood or MDF.
Please see an article I wrote at my blog
about how to deal with those types of mounting surfaces.

Wood screws

The wood screws we supply you for mounting are designed for use in wood and wood composites.
Called 'super sinkers', these screws have a flat head and deep,
wide-spaced angled threads to drive in easily and hold tight.

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