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Lighting Ideas

Accent Lighting Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting Accent Lighting
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Creating a focal point with a variety of lighting fixtures
available today can be a simple and cost effective
way to put the right light in the right place
and make your stemware shimmer and shine.

Many lighting products on the market today
are designed to make it as simple as possible to achieve
with no experience needed in electrical wiring
or the use of power tools.

Rope Lighting For Your New Wine Glass Rack

Rope Light
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Rope lighting is perfect for highlighting cabinetry,
bar areas and wine glass racks.
Rope lighting is also a great choice because,
even a novice can install rope lights
under a cupboard or counter in no time at all.

Low Voltage Accent Strips For Your New Wine Glass Rack

Accent Strip
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Low voltage lighting (like accent strips),
can be attached to the bottom
of any cabinet or under a counter top
or bar area to provide illumination.
You can even use Christmas lights or small fluorescent fixtures.

Lighting Ideas

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