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This Page Is For Informational Purposes Only.
We do not sell hardware separately,
but we do supply certain standard hardware
(i.e. screws, ceiling hooks and chain) with all our glass rack designs.
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Ceiling Hooks We Provide

The ceiling hooks we provide you with will work in most applications,
providing you can screw through
the ceiling's sheet rock or similar material and into the rafters.
If you decide to use decorative/swag hooks,
be sure they are strong enough to hold
the weight of your new glass rack and stemware.
If you have a grid type drop ceiling, you'll need
to purchase the appropriate
T Bar hooks for that particular type of mounting.
Any hardware store or home improvement
outlet will have what you need.
Ceiling Hooks Swag Hooks T Bar Hooks

We Supply 90lb Zinc Plated Chain With All Hanging Glass Racks.

Note: We make every effort to supply you with the hardware
(i.e. screws, hooks and chains) as pictured in any of our product lines.
However, due to the possibility that certain advertised hardware
may not be available at the time you place your order...
We reserve the right to supply you with similar hardware.
90 lb. Zinc Chain Light Duty Chain

'J' Hooks

We supply 'J' hooks for
Our Jumbo 32 Inch Hanging Wine Glass Racks
Depending on the custom configuration of any other type glass rack,
it might be more appropriate to use Eye Bolts or Screws Eyes.
Eye Bolts Screw Eyes J Hooks

Quick Links

Quick Links, 'S' Hooks or Chain Clips are
generally used for heavy duty applications.
Quick Links S Hooks Chain Clips


The black oxcide wood screws we supply you for mounting
are designed for use in wood and wood composites.
Called 'super sinkers', these screws have a flat head and deep,
wide-spaced angled threads to drive in easily and hold tight.
Especially suited for MDF board and are Dual drive,
Phillips and Square Head, with an black oxide finish.

Black Oxide Screws Wood Screws Angle Brackets

Note: If you are mounting at an area that is
particle board instead of real wood or MDF.
Please see an article I wrote at my blog about how
to deal with those types of mounting surfaces.

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