Wood Finishing Techniques

Applying a stain and some type of
clear wood sealer is not difficult for the end user.
Staining usually only takes a few minutes to apply.

Polyurethane is also an excellent
choice to finish your glass rack with. ?

*Note: If you plan on painting your glass rack,
we recommend purchasing
unit/s made of Premium Pine.

Staining your glass rack
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For example: A
Tavern Style Hanging Wine Glass Rack

would take an ounce or less of stain and
a couple of clean, lint-free cloths,
(like an old T-shirt) to do the job.

So that the stain doesn't leave blotches on the wood,
it's best to apply a thin coat of wood conditioner first,
using an inexpensive throw away brush.
Give the conditioner about 15 minutes to dry before applying the stain.
Note: There's no need to sand the conditioner.

Once you've done that
you would simply wipe the stain on with one rag
and quickly wipe it off with a another clean rag.
You may have to repeat this process a few times,
depending on how dark of a finish
you want your wine glass rack to have.

Note: Even if you don't plan on staining your new glass rack,
you really should seal your glass rack with some type of wood sealer.
We recommend DEFT in the aerosol can.
You can usually find this in any home improvement or hardware store.

More detailed information can be found at the DYI website
about staining and finishing.

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