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Choosing A Wine Glass Rack

Our standard Under Cabinet Wine Glass Racks
or our Signature Series Wine Glass Racks
(with an 8 - 9 inch depth), usually does the trick for most cabinet types.
(Even if you have a lip at the front).
You simply mount the glass rack as far back as possible.
This will give you plenty of clearance
at the front to retrieve you stemware.

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under cabinet wine glass rack diagram

If you want to know how much area you need
for a specific amount of stemware, please click here!

If you have a cabinet that's overall depth
is less than approximately 12 inches deep or so.
(And it has a lip at the front and/or the back).
You may consider looking at either our
Micro Glass Racks or our Inside Cabinet Wine Glass Racks.
Micro or Inside Cabinet type racks can be mounted under a cabinet
and you wont have to worry about
a clearance problem when retrieving your stemware.

If your looking for a wine glass rack that
extends all the way from the front and the rear
of the cabinet and your cabinet has a lip that extends
below the actual cabinet.
Please e mail us
and let us know how far the lip/s come down.
We can usually customize wood block spacers/shims
to accommodate those situations.

*Note: There's a small fee for fabricating spacer/shim sets and
depending on the size of the project,
we may elect to send you full length spacers instead
of the smaller cut down versions.
We'll also include longer screws
to mount the spacers/shims under your cabinet.

Alternately, you can pick up some furring strips
(or other suitable material), at a local home improvement store
or lumber yard and make your own spacers/shims.
(Please click here to see a diagram of spacers/shims installation).
Simply cut the strips and stack/shim as needed
to bring the glass rack down flush with the lips.
You'll also need a hand saw, screw gun
or power drill and a small bit, so you can cut the material
and make pilot holes in the strips/shims.
Then simply screw the spacers/shims
into place under the underside of the cabinet area.
From there, you simply mount you glass rack to spacers/shims.

Note: We strive to make our glass racks as close
to the advertised dimensions as possible.
(Without going over in length and depth).
However, after milling and sanding,
these dimensions may and/or will be
approximate and/or nominal).

If you plan on mounting theses type
units on a low ceiling or at
another location where there is NO
wall at the back side of the rack,
please let us know at Check Out
(using the message feature, or email us).

We'll install an optional backer
(FREE of charge), to your new wine glass rack,
so glasses can't slip out the back of the unit.
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