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This customer needed something to go under her Lattice Wine Rack.
A couple of e mails later and we we're able to
come up with a custom 30 x 13 wine glass rack for her.
Lattice wine bottle holder not included nor manufactured by us.

Lattice Wine Bottle Holder Glass Rack
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Our Stemware Racks Are
Pneumatically Fastened
With Galvanized Hot Dipped Fasteners,
As Well As Glued And Screwed.
You Can Rest Assured
That Your New Glass Rack
Will Provide Years Of Trouble Free Service.

All Our Wood Products Are Built
When Ordered In The USA.
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And Shipped To Your Door.
You Can Leave Them Natural
Or You Can Finish To Match
Your Decor With
Your Favorite Stain,
Paint, Polyurethane Or Varnish.