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Adjustable Wine Glass Racks 18 - 20 Inch Sets
Built With Spruce Or Premium Pine
Adjustable Wine Glass Racks 14 Inch Sets Click The Image For Different Views!

Adjustable Wine Glass Racks
A Customizable Solution

So Versatile, You Can Mount
The Individual Slats
To Fit All Your Wine, Champagne,
Martini, Margarita Glasses, Brandy Snifters.
Any Stemware You Have Will Fit
Because You Customize The Fit Yourself.
Made In USA.
Sanded And Ready To Finish.
Includes Mounting Hardware.

Ships In 3-5 Days via Priority Mail!
Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico,
please email us ahead of time
for a shipping quote.

18 Inch 4 Slat Sets Hold 12-21 Stems
18 Inch 5 Slat Sets Hold 16-24 Stems
18 Inch 6 Slat Sets Hold 20-30 Stems

20 Inch 4 Slat Sets Hold 15-18 Stems
20 Inch 5 Slat Sets Hold 20-24 Stems
20 Inch 6 Slat Sets Hold 25-30 Stems

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