Area You'll Need

To get a good idea of how much area you'll
need for your stemware, place your stemware
on a counter or table top.
Arrange them in rows not touching each other, 2 - 3 glasses deep.
Take a tape measure and roughly measure
the area the glasses take up.
That will give you a good idea of how large
an area you need to accommodate your stemware.
How much area you need for your stemware

Choosing A Glass Rack

Glass Rack Parts Nomenclature

Measuring You Stemware

Built To Last

Our Stemware Racks Are
Pneumatically Fastened
With Galvanized Hot Dipped Fasteners,
As Well As Glued And Screwed.
You Can Rest Assured
That Your New Glass Rack
Will Provide Years Of Trouble Free Service.

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