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Just About All The Glass Rack
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Were Taken By Our Customers.

Our Stemware Racks Are Pneumatically Fastened With Galvanized Hot Dipped Fasteners, As Well As Glued And Screwed. You Can Rest Assured That Your New Glass Rack Will Provide Years Of Trouble Free Service.

Mount Your Glass Rack With Threaded Rod!

With a drill and a small drill bit, you can easily modify your new Hanging Wine Glass Rack
so that it can be mounted using threaded rod as opposed to chain.
In smaller units, pre-drill holes through the support rails to accept your threaded rod.
Place threaded rod through the support rails and secure to ceiling.
It's the same procedure for Jumbo Hanging Wine Glass Racks,
except you won't have to drill pilot holes.

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This is also advantageous if your unit is
going to be used commercially or frequently.
Your servers won't need to steady the hanging rack with one hand,
because securing it with threaded rod makes it stationary.

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