Hanging Front Load J Hook Option

Place the four provided 'J' hooks through the end slats, at the provided pilot holes.
Using the nuts and washers, tighten the 'J' hooks down to the end slats.
Use a pair of pliers or similar tool, to bend the chain slightly around the 'J' hooks,
to prevent the chain from slipping off.
Take the hooks and secure to your mounting surface. (I.e. beams or studs)...
Hang the unit and adjust as needed to achieve a level platform.

Front Loading Glass Rack Installation Diagram With J Hooks
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Once you have achieved your final positioning,
if needed, loosely bend the hooks closed around the chains
and also MAKE SURE you did slightly BEND the chain
(at the four inside corners of unit), to prevent the chain from slipping off.

Note: The ceiling hooks we provide you with will work in most applications,
providing you can screw through the ceiling's sheet rock or similar material and into the rafters.
If you decide to use decorative/swag hooks, be sure they are strong enough
to hold the weight of your new glass rack and stemware.
If you have a grid type drop ceiling, you'll need to purchase the appropriate
T Bar hooks for that particular type of mounting.
Any hardware store or home improvement outlet will have what you need.
Ceiling Hooks

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